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  1. Hi there. I am 41 years old and have seen a lot of movies and love many of them. For some reason unbeknownst to me when you asked what’s your favorite movie? Scream just popped into my head! And here I always say Laberynth with David Bowie is my favorite movie from a little girl to now. Then I thought of Top Gun. O, I just laugh at myself. I’d love to hear your insight on this.
    Best regards ~ Angie

    1. Hey Angela 🙂 I will have to watch scream, Ive never seen it. And its been SO LONG since Ive seen Laberynth. Ill watch that too 🙂 Ill be back. Also, don’t sweat that its a horror film… a journey is a journey 🙂 they are all perfect for us. – Mike

  2. Mine has been FlashDance ever since I was a child and I am 45 today and I still will watch that movie …I feel in some ways looking back at my life I wish I had more confidence but I see her being humble but always at 5he end of 5he moving I cry and get goosebumps and I have no idea what it is I really feeling or wanting to feel… Lol. But thank you I was feeling kind of down this morning and came across it email and it’s the good energy vibes I was seeking for thank you again!

    1. loved that movie. Im 50 myself and know that is shaped my generation for sure 🙂 I have not seen it in a long time, so I cant speak much more than to say she definitely chased her dreams and was NOT afraid to leave the box. Sounds like a great time for us all to drop the backpack full of cares and step into the same. Thanks for being with us! – Mie

  3. I have problems….🥴 I don’t have a favorite ice cream, I don’t have a favorite movie, and I don’t watch TV.
    But for the sake of conversation….
    I’d say Vanilla because it’s a base for all the flavors (like good communication skills are to healthy relationships, The Notebook because I AM that basic at heart, and as for the TV….anything Bob Ross recorded is preferred 🤓🦩🖤

  4. Thx for the introductory video. As for me, I chose pralines & cream, MASH, and Vibes. Those have been my choices for many years. Let’s see how they fair moving forward. Thx again.

    1. Bryan, I LOVE Jeff G and just recently watched that movie again after so much time. What a fun movie! As you know, in that movie, Jeff and Cindy are hired to find the lost temple (they find out later) and its such a fun movie. The primary characters do encounter challenges of betrayal by those who commissioned them, and they indeed are super gifted and see things in another way that most are not able to (both being psychic). One could easily see how you are probably able to do something similar and probably see the truth of things, even probably have a super solid “spidey sense”. Since you mentioned MASH (also grew up on MASH), I would venture a guess that your current archetypical skew is towards fun and freedom. In both selections (MASH & VIBES), the characters live outside of society and use humor as a friend to cope with and to make light of an insane world. I do find that when people choose comedy, these are the funnest people to be around 🙂 makes me super curious of your Life path and astrology. you are probably a pretty fun person to hang around 🙂 – Mike

      1. Hi Mike 🥳

        Thank you for the uplifting reply. I do love laughing and making people smile and laugh as well. When I was younger, I chose to be happy instead of being miserable; no matter what life opens up for me. My mantra is: everyday and every possible way, I trust my intuition and all the power of my subconscious! As for my life path, I believe it’s a 1. My b-day is in 2 days, so that would make me a Virgo and I have Cancer rising. I believe my soul purpose is to encourage and help others anyway I can. My “spidey senses”, along with your video, makes me believe the same about you. Your smile is contagious and makes me very glad I was directed to your site. I can see that your true purpose is being served with the joy you exude. And thank you again for your reply, it makes a difference.
        Much love 💕

  5. My favorite movie is “To Kill a Mockingbird” and favorite character is Scout. I will definitely begin exploring this. Thank you so much for sharing this insight.

    1. To Kill A Mockingbird has always been my favorite, as well as the character “Scout”. I identify with her very much. I was a second child with an older brother who is much like “Jim” and I was always a tomboy.

  6. I don’t really have a favorite I don’t like to limit myself .
    But one movie or show that made a deep impact on me when I was a little
    Girl (55 now)
    Was the twighlight zone episode where the man wanted to be left alone to read .
    The end was him sitting there with a library of books no one left and his glasses were broken .
    So he could
    Not read !
    I learned then to be careful what you wish for in life .

    1. I love this Sandy. This is such a valuable lesson of mental focus. The movie “Click”, was similar in its intention, and I loved that movie too. 🙂 Blessings to you – Mike

    1. OMG so cool 🙂 what a fun movie. (assuming you meant Spaceballs since you said Princess Vespa). 🙂 What a fun character! I will have to watch that again as I dont remember the journey she goes through, but she is indeed surrounded by lovable foolish folks 😉 – Mike

  7. The first movie that radically changed my life was Flash Dance. I was 28 years old and had been separated from my husband for 9 months. 3 months later I followed my heart packed up my 2 Children ages 9 and 11 and headed out to San Diego Ca.
    I left my family and friends in Chicago and fearlessly built a new life for us. Four years later I married my soul mate and he adopted my children as his own.💞Looking forward to our 35th anniversary this year.

    1. WOW thats so beautiful Jo Ann! Super love you commenting and again, appreciate your involvement in the group 🙂 – Mike

  8. This was a fun tool to try out. My movie changes based upon what’s resonating with me, and this time I chose Ferris Bueller’s Day off with Ferris as my fave character. This is definitely reflecting my current trajectory to recapture some of the excitement and wonder of childhood and bring the simple joys of skipping school, hanging out with your friends, and being harmlessly wild and getting away with it. Not one of the main 3 characters is mean spirited and that is why I always root for them to come out on top!

    1. love that! great insights Alyse 🙂 Ferris represents the rebel archetype against the mundane, the insane, and the boring. A carefree “no rules” attitude that personifies personal freedom. It’s time for you to embrace your own freedom! – Mike

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