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  1. My favorite movie is definitely “Patch Adams”. I may have misunderstood some of this,I am from Denmark and may have misunderstood something about the language

  2. Ii don’t get much time to watch TV these days, but i would say my favorite TV show was probably Big Bang Theory and my favorite movie has always been Armageddon! Spent about a year in my DVD player playing on loop…lol… favorite character was Bruce Willis as Harry Stamper….

  3. I cannot think of a favorite movie
    Dead to me was a favorite tv show.
    I do love what you are helping us. I am new here and looking forward to the journey ?

  4. Favorite ice cream: Godiva Belgium Dark Chocolate (which they don’t make any longer ?) so I’ve since adjusted to dark chocolate gelato ???‍♀️✨

    Movie: can’t say that I have just one, but I gravitate towards medieval movie types….and right now Brittania has captured my interest. For me it’s either the character that’s either fighting to rule/save her kingdom or the one being chased by a destiny she did not chose. Anything made with queen Elizabeth in it as a movie grabs a hold of me. Reign was one I really enjoyed as well ???‍♀️

  5. My favorite ice cream is Mocha Chip, favorite TV Shows is a toss up between Bridgerton and Virgin River, and for movies my all time favorite is the Sound of Music. Love how you made me think of the correlation with Maria in the movie and my own life – sometimes feeling like the odd man out, but eventually finding what I truly love. And like Maria, there have been many times where life seemed unfair and at odds with what I believed in. Actually, looking at the TV shows both main characters – Daphne and Melinda, it almost follows a similar path as that of Maria’s – trying to conform, while remaining true to themselves.

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