Our First Movie Recommendation - Sensitive

Sensitive The Untold Story
The sensitive movie suggestion for 07-10-21

SENSITIVE – The Untold Story

The Empath Course had been completely recorded and finished, but then we watched this movie… We had to reshoot the course to include suggestion after suggestion to consume all of Elaine’s amazing work.

This is not just one of those movies you can’t just watch and walk away from. This life changing movie that will make you see yourself, your family, your children, and your world differently. With love, compassion, and understanding.

We highly encourage you to sit and watch this film WITH your family or someone you love.

Remember while you watch, to hold love and compassion for those who may not be sensitive and may still need time to accept all of this new information that will make them come face to face with the fact that they may have been wrong about you their entire life.

Watch Sensitive Free On Amazon Prime then comment in the members group, or here if you are not a course taker 🙂 

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