Amanda Rivera-The Struggle is Optional

Amanda is a single mother of three amazing daughters. She has made an amazing transformation from being in a relationship with a narcissist to embark on a journey of healing and self empowerment. Because of Amanda’s transformation, she has plans to become a life coach and help others find transformation and start their own healing journey.

The Struggle is Optional

When I found the Empath Course, I discovered that I was not alone. Others were feeling what I was feeling and experiencing some of the same things. That made a big difference. I had been very successful at isolating myself and cutting those feelings out. Taking the course and joining the Empath Network gave me validation that what I was feeling was real. It opened different doors, and windows, and gave me insights. It became a safe space, a safe outlet.  I’d been trying to leave a narcissistic relationship when I started the course. I would get up early and try to listen with headphones until I couldn’t handle the anxiety of being discovered.

I found the courage to make the changes I need in my life so that I am now able to move forward. I’m learning to trust again and open up. The group helped me do that. I can post random thoughts and realizations and get that support and encouragement back that is so important. The course helped me through my whole situation. It awakened me to a new line of thinking that was hidden; opened my eyes. I can see the elephants in the room now and know how to navigate them. 

I remind myself that I’m still on this journey, working through my old habits of reaction and response. I’ve changed so much and have new ways of thinking now that it’s hard to think back to when I first started this journey. The positive thinking, learning about the way the movies and music I listen to affect me… it all helped change my internal thoughts. I can feel it radiating outwards. When I talk to others, I can see and hear the difference. 

The healing that I’ve been able to do let’s me look back on my past with a new view. You can look back and think, if I had only known that sooner. But I believe that the timing was right. It was meant to happen when it did. I am now able to build on what I knew was already there. It’s important to me to set a good example for my daughters. I am more confident and learning to love and believe in myself.  I’ve rediscovered and connected to my inner child. The firecracker in me woke up, that brave little girl that was outgoing and fun is alive!

Healing takes a willingness and an open mind. We all embark upon this journey in a different way. 

Remember, the struggle is optional.

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