Tapping into Your Higher Self...

What Mike is referring to is known as the hypnagogic state of consciousness.

His accidental discovery of using the snooze button to invoke an involuntary state of meditation has helped many people who find it difficult to meditate. 

This came up today when MJ Dorian mentioned a similar exercise that artist Salvador Dali used to use, called the “Falling Spoon Method”, that podcast is below for you and the specific exercise starts at 22:45 of the episode. 

The Creative Codex podcast has become Mike’s favorite as he’s being strongly pulled to artistic expression.

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  1. I don’t use an alarm clock…sounds like a great way to tap into subconscious. So, checked out the falling spoon exercise….it is just the thing for me to try. Even back in the day I never used the snooze feature. I know my weaknesses… LOL

    You could market your morning snooze meditation as: “The 9 Minute Meditation”… you should add Holosync or Inspire3 hypnosis tracks to really put you where you want to be.

    Thanks…. Peace and joy…
    Jody H

    1. Totally right Jody! 🙂 I have not actually set an alarm in about three years. But when I did set an alarm I definitely use the snooze function all the time and it was amazing for getting all the answers that I ever needed and it helped me in a very important period of my life. I’m gonna try the spoon too. I actually use a Muse, a brain tap device, and a bio field device called a Bio Well 🙂 The last of my fun tools is my HRV devices from the Heart math Institute when I was trained there. I love all of my devices and use them a lot less now than I did when I first got started, but I still love them. 🙂 thank you for taking the time to reply 🙂 – Mike

  2. I really enjoy awakening on my own naturally, however to get this kind of possible, positive, meditation, I think I’m actually going to set an alarm,(but at a time that I would reasonably be awake, not early or anything crazy like that, lol).

    1. That’s an amazing outlook Samantha 🙂 anything worth going after can require a little bit of effort. Eventually one never needs the alarm and you end up just doing it in natural course 🙂 so glad to have you with us

  3. Comprehensive account of the artist Salvador Dalí. Enjoyed the portrayal, including the lack of truth that exemplifies his exterior perspective that is exaggerated from his inner expression.

    1. Wasn’t that podcast amazing Karin? I had no idea who we was. It was very revealing for me 🙂

  4. Mike, thank you for sharing this alarm clock method! I really think it has the potential to help one explore the hypnagogic state while still naturally very close to the state itself. I’ve heard similar techniques for the practice of ‘out of body experience’ training as well. That threshold between waking and sleeping is a fascinating state of consciousness. I will be experimenting with this method.

    And thanks so much for featuring Creative Codex here. It’s an honor to be included among this thoughtful community.


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