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  1. I still don’t know my true calling other than a loving parent that makes me happy my family my wife animals my hobbies ? On what I know about me ..others I’m sure know more than I could possibly be ?πŸ’”

    1. The great thing about that Robert! It could mean that you are unencumbered by pre-judgement and free to move any direction you are called in the moment. There are a few things that may help. One I personally love is looking at the numerology and astrological readings for you. Honestly, if you asked me if I would have ever said that even 5 years ago, I would have laughed out loud. But now, I use psychological profiles, numerology, north nodes and more to help my clients find a path that leads them to happiness at THIS STAGE of life πŸ™‚ Its why we open the discussion to purpose being more about a path, then a destination. But even with that, it can be a changing path too! In Human design, I have the “jake of all trades” channel and its 100% on point for me. I learn to learn, then I move on to the next learning. It consumes me and I love it. So… check some charts, ask some dear friends who are close and willing to help you openly and honestly without judgement, then YOU make your own decisions πŸ™‚ much love – Mike

    2. Hello to you I feel My purpose was to be of service and help people then came one of being a loving Mother.A true and loving friend also I have always been artistic creating a pleasant Home where ever I Live.I also thing as one goes through life which I see as a journey and you age your purpose can take a different course.

      1. you are so right! our purpose and our current expression of that purpose are two separate things. Most confuse it as some “build it and they will come” dream, but dreams change and they should. We are ever evolving beings of light, here to experience anything our soul desires. Being a father has been one of my favorite purposes ever. Being a loving husband is right here, and as I age, I definitely see the dream change, but the purpose of teaching love and sharing my journey is universal πŸ™‚ much love Veronica – Mike

  2. This is wonderful. Your video helped me with clarity. The common denominator regarding my purpose has always been there. I am a caregiver in everything I do.


    1. yay! thanks Lana πŸ™‚ love that! Many of us are called to be the nurturer and Im so glad that feels right for you πŸ™‚ much love – Mike

      1. I also, am lead to teach or at the very least, talk. Motivational speaking, pep talks, engaging with someone who is thrsity to know about subjects I know a little of, cause that in turn makes me want to go deeper and learn more. I just haven’t found a way to get paid to do such..well I have, I was always a lead trainer in the restaurant business, I was a back of house cook, and pretty much every job, I became lead, or captain, because I can keep my cool during the most hottest, busiest, time crunch, and still am able to train, lead by example. I just ain’t for the restaurant business any more. I’m totally burnt out..but I love to be on fire for something and to be able to break it down , explain it, use it, and share it, and hopefully who ever I’m speaking with, can take away something and help someone else who is new.

        1. What lights you on fire right now Wendy? Where there is a passion that is followed, the means to support it always show up at the right time πŸ™‚ – Mike

  3. All I know is that my purpose is prolly something to do with animals either informing someone about them or taking care of them it doesn’t matter

    1. Love it! We will be doing a training soon (next month or so) with an animal communicator. You will not want to miss that one πŸ™‚ Also, thank you for that service! Our animal friends need our help! Much love – Mike

        1. Ok sure. can you email support (they send all emails, you can just reply to one) and I can start that again. Since I didnt get a lot of response, I had parked it for a bit πŸ™‚ – Mike

  4. Sir to start with, the course is super amazing because through it I was able to figure out that I can sing, bt I’m not sure if the genre that I’m focused on currently is the right one for me, and as a matter of fact I can say that in my perspective, I do see myself as a versatile type of being and I soon realized that my business skills are so great because after being admitted at One of our retail stores in SA, I was able to see the potential that was hidden in me or maybe it slipped off along the way,bt soon came to being, because at this moment I really enjoy working with people most of the time, n Im also good with communication skills, that’s one of my biggest strengths, coz wenever a customer arrives I’m the one convincing them to buy more from our store, because one thing I know about me is that I’m a brilliant thinker, I have a creative set of mind and I trust my instincts too , but the problem with me is that I’m not really sure which way to choose because I also believe deep down myself that I do have a calling in teaching the word of God, because when I was the age of 5, I remember I would go out alone, reach out to people, n share the word of God, n sometimes I would even cast demons out in the name Of Jesus, and believe me you, what I saw after I did dat, was something unbelievable, extraordinary, I experienced alot in this point of time, but at the moment I really don’t know where to go, or what is it that I can strike with first, so I can be in my life’s set journey, without even doubting myself, n all I’m asking for is a bit of an advice sir, thanks in advance.

    1. wow what a powerful journey. One thing I have observed so far is that we may never fully know the reason behind each of our “blessings”. If you are blessed with the gift of influence, it is a gift you must use wisely. Some days that may be helping a customer to find a product that can change their life. Other days it may be speaking the word of your chosen religion. My own view is that one is not necessarily stronger than another. We are never fully aware of God’s plan, or universal will. We can only surrender to service in whatever form it arrives. We believe that if you do follow your synchronicities, then that will lead to the next step on the path… just remember that I have never encountered a pathway that did not have slippery step involved. With faith, surrender, and hard work, you can do it! πŸ™‚ we have faith in you πŸ™‚ Much love – Mike

  5. Purpose
    In my view is not something you are great at or excel in., or your occupation or some other thing you define or label yourself as being..
    To me it is the everyday moment by moment way of living your life
    With a loving forgiving kind and understanding heart and attitude..
    To be grateful for your everyday experiences
    (the good and not so good..) that reminds us we are human and alive with the ability to develop and evolve..
    And that we ourselves are responsible for the way we react and impact the lives of our family and friends and those we come into contact with daily.. and on children and animals and plants and the environment and of course ourselves..
    But especially this magnificent and most beautiful planet that sadly in the minds of humans only purpose is to be exploited and destroyed., this alive, living, breathing, giving planet… the very same humans searching so hard to find their Purpose..
    Vanessa πŸ™β™βœ¨

  6. Thank you so much. I see my purpose as being in the business of loving patient spiritual supporter of all who cross my path as and when needed – simple uncomplicated and genuinely sincere.

  7. My life purpose here on earth is something to do with the humanitarian aid assistance serving /bringing those people of GOD who are neglected ones such as the poorest among the poor in the community with a (faithful, sincere, honest, trustworthy, kind, generous, humble, merciful , compassionate) of thier respectives vocation in life with different perspective, motives of life challenges where the ending meets up in only one destination “The Judgement ” Hoping and longing the redemption of GOD’s promises to all his/her ever faithful, loyal and obedience children that at last they may now claiming the total healing, restoration ,Divine breakthrough in all aspects of human existence, Deliverance from Evil hidden agenda will totally crush down and the GOD’s Divine Governance will took over for another 100 years about to happen, (visualize in the book of Revelation).

  8. When I ask myself what is my purpose, my intuition tells me teach. I do love to teach, learn new things and express them to other people. My God-given talent is photography. I am self taught and I’m really good at it. Where do you think my soul would be the happiest?

    1. If you love those things, why not share them πŸ™‚ I cant personally tell you what would make your soul happiest, i can only tell you that it sounds like you have a very good start to and now only need to meditate on taking action to live in your passion πŸ™‚ thank you so much Shirley for commenting and Im so glad you are getting that clarity! – Mike

  9. My purpose is to heal and l have helped people and animals heal naturally for many years. l am an international award winning author of 7 books and my latest book has shown many people and their pets how to strengthen their immune system naturally in a very easy way. I personally have been arthritis, cold sore, cold and flu free since 2005. My dog was arthritis free for the last 7 years of her life. I wish for the world to be more natural, less pills and medications and l want to be happy, and see others happy too. 😎

    1. wow, I literally just felt the body calling to consume massive amounts of Aloe. I even have a gallon of it in the fridge. I know this is just on the surface, but would love to have you do an interview with a team member of ours that we can share with the tribe if that calling speaks to you πŸ™‚ much love and thanks – Mike

  10. Thank you Mike! I am learning that when I taught for about 11 years (never had any training!). I taught a class called “Living Healthy with A Chronic Condition”, I loved it! I had so much fun. Some of the places that I worked, the director would pop in their head and say that there was way too much laughing and giggling for this to be a serious class ( many actually asked me to come back and teach them again). It was a volunteer position. I quit when administrators kept trying to change it and to me what they wanted to do was to make it just another “medical jargon” class and that was never the way is was set up by a professor at Stanford University. It broke my heart when they started changing the format to work for them. It has not been successful since then. They forced nurses to do the class and the ones that I worked with hated doing it. How can you teach something that you hate? I have no professional training as a teacher. never thought that I could stand in front of a class (I Hated Book reports in school;–very shy).

    1. oh Sharon! You are so on point here. The educational system must be changed across the board πŸ™ In our course , we teach from fun, connection and with a personal touch. We DO get people who are actually upset by the fact that we are so “relaxed”, but we know that these people are not “our tribe”, we seek to server our own tribe and that is what God/Universe has asked from us. I would LOVE to see you in there teaching again. Remember, the best teacher is not the one who has the most information shared, they are the one who can invoke real change πŸ™‚ you can do this! – Mike

  11. Truthfully I had no idea that I was an empath, I can sense when people are close to me what they are feeling and thinking, but as for being an empath I don’t think that it’s the same.

    1. its a very complicated ecosystem for sure. Many believe that they have to heal Empathy. But I see it a little different personally. I feel its an open awareness to the vibrational state of another. As such, the more sensitive we are, the more we can feel that vibrational difference. How we INTERPRET that energy is what matters most. OR if we choose to embody and/or absorb it. These are all separate to me from the ABILITY. Huge different in an ability and how that is exercised πŸ™‚ much love – Mike

  12. Wow..
    That was interesting that this video popped up in my email tonight…right before I opened up my email I was having a conversation with the Universal Powers That Be about purpose in general and further drilled down to mine, in particular..At one point i had said to the PTB I wish you guys can explain it, cause damned If I know…ok…after a little existential angst..I decide to take my mind of the issue and open email…I actually started laughing when the video started…So looked up, said thanks and got my answer…Thank you..

    1. yay!!! thanks so much Lynn πŸ™‚ Carl Jung coined the term “synchronicity” and I love it πŸ™‚ The world is your mirror and Im elated to be a pixel on that screen πŸ™‚ – Mike

  13. Thanks, I think with your experience I was also able to discern my own purpose as been a teacher but have no direction towards that my purpose

  14. Thank you kindly ❀️
    My life purpose really is teaching.. probably not just in a traditional way but revealing life purpose for others

  15. Ihave just discovered that i am a true empath because of this ive struggled with why i am so sensitive and how hard its been to understand since im a little girl why i struggled to be around alot of people i can feel other peoples pain so deeply and want to help them but i cant always do that i am learning how to keep myself more healthy because of this. it explains so much about myself and how much it all makes sense to me now i do feel that this is my purpose in life but im trying to figure out more how to deal with it.

    1. oh my dear, you really need to go through the course if you can. Let us know in support if you need any financial assistance. We do have programs available. You must do your own inner healing to stop the over sensitivity for sure. Only then can we really see what is happening with a truth lens. Sending you love and healing my dear.

  16. i love to find my soul purpose, i love to feel and connect with my soul – its the most simplest warm free soul connection or feeling..

    1. You can do it Anne! A friend of mine Kelli just created a cool video that I will share later that breaks down life purpose to its SIMPLE form based on astrological data if you are into that stuff at all. If not, just have faith in the universe/God and it will come to you when you are ready for that surrender πŸ™‚ Love – Mike

  17. Very helpful! I am multidimensional, with many talents and feel that because of that, I am pulled in too may directions and
    therefore lack focus on what my favorit talent is. And when I concentrate on one of them in particular, I feel I am neglecting
    the others. I guess I have to choose one and stick with it. I really like the last advise to ask a friend:) Thank you for clearing
    my mind and getting me closer to my purpose and mission in life.

    1. we are honored to help Alana πŸ™‚ thanks so much for sharing your journey. There is much about to come for everyone as we are stepping 100% into our own life purpose at an accelerated rate. – Mike

      P.S. Im the same. In my Human Design, I have the “Jack of all trades channel”, which has me able to do anything, but my best trait is my ability to share the distillation of my own journey πŸ™‚

  18. Wow, Mike! I can teach anybody anything and I’ve been doing that for over 40 years in probably a dozen different ‘careers.’ As an empath (took the course!) and lifelong learner, though, I feel like I’m bouncing around through life trying to help people through the obstacles of theirs. So often, the lessons are about 10 years ahead of being popular – so I’m blown off. I’d love to find a niche where I can reach people to give them the information they need to learn wellness of mind, body and spirit. ‘Wellness’ seems to be this catchword that has an enormously subjective meaning and not authentic wellness. I’m so glad I found My Manifested Life. . . but I’m still looking for a way to set my purpose on a path that will do the highest good.

    1. hey Jan πŸ™‚ “I feel like I’m bouncing around through life trying to help people through the obstacles of theirs. So often, the lessons are about 10 years ahead of being popular – so I’m blown off” this is where your next chapter can begin. The unpacking of “the channel”. Im sure you know that most greats were decades if not more ahead of their time. I do believe we are at a time when you can be seen and heard. The question is, can you believe that? If so, step into it! Lean into it! What if you just shared and said “screw it” to whether anyone listened or not? That has been my own journey this year as I surrendered all my “shits” and don’t have any to give any more. I simply will be, and those who are ready for what we have to share, will join, those not will leave πŸ™‚ I invite you to do same and let God/Universe bring you the tribe you are ready for πŸ™‚ You can do this and you dont need anyone else to tell you that you are right… you simply are – Mike

      1. Thanks, Mike! Just what I needed to hear/resonate with. Many empathic moms have a hard time not giving a shit. I’ll work on surrendering mine. (wink)

  19. Hi.this is just getting better an better I love to make a house a home making it beautiful an seeing family’s happy.. thank u once again I really appreciate this.

    1. isnt that how it should be πŸ˜‰ Lets hope that we can keep listening to the synchronicities and allow for this all to unfold as it should πŸ™‚ glad you are with us and thanks for checking out our other posts too, many more to come πŸ™‚ – Mike

  20. Hey cool stuff and I life purpose is to share what I feal what I see in an art format I’ve been woodworking as a career for 30 something years and love doing it still.but an artist all my life so doing wood sculptures …which I’ve just started doing only a few years now.a natural but I’m blown away now at how my pieces look and do them without my glasses …being virtually blind.i loose myself in my work and my clients always say it brilliant or it far succeeds there hopes

    1. OMG that is so beautiful Brian! Can you post a link to some of your work? Love that share and love you for being in your art! Creativity is the nature of the universe and love that you are embracing it. Im sure MANY would love to know you and see your work and hear your story πŸ™‚ – Mike

  21. Thxs my purpose i did and now you make scense to others! Great πŸ‘πŸ™ video…GπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‡β˜ΊπŸ°πŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸ˜ˆπŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸŒ³

  22. Coming out of a 20 year career in healthcare with a powerful desire to leave, I know that I am here to teach others empathy in caregiving, personal and public communication skills and tools, and above all else, I am here to make people laugh! If I don’t make someone laugh at least one time a day, I feel wasted. When I come to the office after a long weekend off, I walk in to lift the mood and start the week the way it ought to! I call this β€œNonsensical Joy” and I am branding myself as such. I’d like to speak to groups – not much scares me anymore and I like a challenge. I am would love to speak corporately to healthcare organizations, to schools to motivate kids to be the change, to open others eyes to a new perspective they perhaps never knew of. This is my purpose πŸ¦©πŸ–€

    1. ok, seriously, you are epic! I LOVE that you are helping to teach this!!! Its so needed. So much fear today that only harms our fellow sisters and brothers. As you know, fear lowers immune response and to live in perpetual fear destroys immunity. We NEED caregivers who are willing to lighten the conversation and to be empathetic first, and less harbingers of doom. Im so proud to be able to know you are out there πŸ™‚ thanks again Lindsay! – Mike

  23. My calling is helping others. Was in nursing for 23yrs, 10 also working in EMS, and now I’m a CSW/LMSW: social worker therapist. I’m a holistic SW, working with, mostly treatment court clients, as well as those seeking behavioral health care. I love what I’m doing now, have done, and am excited to see my future. I’m 56, so not a young SW, but, I’m still learning. Every day I learn from my folks I work with.
    Yet, I’m not sure what my purpose really is. I enjoy my essential oils, I am trying to learn more about my Lakota Souix heritage, and am seeking more info about meditation, crystals, for myself and for my folks (clients). I’m researching and learning about other “religions” such as Wiccan and other higher powers as many of my folks have many different beliefs.
    In seeking all this, I’m not sure what my true purpose is, but, I’m making a difference in many of my folks lives, a few I’m not able to reach. But I’m not going to stop trying……

    1. absolutely love your insights here Lisa. The research into various religions, studies and beliefs has always fascinated me and it will be a huge journey for you πŸ™‚ For you, you may want to look at your Human Design. I have studied this extensively and it can provide some amazing insights. It will not say “you’re. here to do this”, but for that, you can try this astrological assessment. But there’s so many more tools. I just offer those that call to me as the great spirit provides. Much love – Mike (I do work with Kelli and she is a great friend, so I am a little biased here to her work)

  24. I would have to say my origin of purpose is to “care” for people. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life caring for others. Either working working with children in a daycare setting, or working with adults mainly the elderly in home and facility setting. But at the same time I don’t know what different profession I would do. Any ideas?

  25. This makes so much sense to me, I have been searching for my purpose. And I find it, this is it, and a week or two go by and I’m bored and my souls fire is out. And I find my purpose over and over and over and over the fire goes out. So I’m jus chilling it and letting it come to me, bcuz chasing my purpose always ends the same bored frustrated and looking for next thing set my soul on fire.
    I do find myself reaching out to people who are going thru a rough time. BTW I am an empath, so I am drawn to certain people, I am an excellent listener, I don’t offer advice on how to fix their situation, jus let them talk and get it out. Makes them feel better and most time they figure out what their next step is on their own.
    Thanks for the video, it really did help me understand some of my issues with purpose.

    1. OMG I just saw this, sorry for the delay Shelley πŸ™‚ so happy to have you with us! πŸ™‚ thanks for listening – Mike

  26. Dearest Mike
    Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your video, my dream pupurse in live in Mother Nature I love it to bit to plant a tree seed and see how it grows and makes a Bonzai tree or a forest with it. God give me a gift and I am making the best of it all the time from animals to Nature.
    I think I have 2 pupurse in live no1 Mother Nature. No2 is to bring a warm smile on a person face and hard.
    Thank you for sharing your pupurse and give us more details to understand what purpose in live meen to a person thank you!

    1. I love this Denieta πŸ™‚ this is true purpose πŸ™‚ to find a new expression of that deeper calling in every action we do. I just set up a property in the mountains for my own family and we love it, you can do this! I hope to hear a lot more as this develops for you please πŸ™‚ – Mike

  27. I’m fully aware of my true purpose, which is to become a preacher. But then it’s hard for me.πŸ€¨πŸ™‚

    1. I know what you are experiencing Nicole, all we can do is embrace, surrender to service and just be πŸ™‚ you can do this! Lets do it together! Just start πŸ™‚ – Mike

  28. Funny thing is that I know my soul purpose and since September 2020 I started to look into numerology and the ironic thing is that, it is precisely in line with what I thought. But the problem I have is getting my message accross in order to achieve the audience needed in order to share my ideas and thoughts with humanity. If you actually believe in your preachings perhaps you could take about 30min of your time to listen to a short introduction on what i believe was inbedded in me since childhood to assist mankind to achieve the BETTER TOMORROW, TODAY!!! Please contact me if you truly believe the time for change and a better bighter future is upon us or we can slowly allow total decay and chaos to consume what is left of humanity in man as well as the last bit of restorable life force of the earth… who knows maybe the so called dream for our futures is possible with all the possiible outcomes we have thought of achieving and more???

    1. email support@mymanifestedlife and they will get me whatever you send ok? A better tomorrow starts and ends with each of us inside, so anything you can do to help shift your inner awareness is the best start ever πŸ™‚ cant wait to hear what you have in mind – Mike

  29. I’m in my 40s, I love working face to face with people. I’ve always said I love customer service because I get to talk to different people. At my age a year ago I ended up working at a call Centre and I literally hate it. 1stly because of the word ” call centre”. People give call centre’s a very bad name and I’m ashamed of being there. My love is helping people and at my age I have such determination and drive that I still don’t know my purpose. I’ve always worked with people whether I was an admin clerk or working in a call center.

    1. yeah, i did call centers for a while myself (years) and it was interesting. I had to make the best of it and found my fellow employees to be my salvation from angry people on the other end of the phone. I also learned a TON about surrendering my need to be liked by all. You will get there Ash πŸ™‚ you can do it through surrender πŸ™‚ all my love – Mike

  30. My purpose is to help humanity transition from the age of Aquarius to the Piscean Age to stay organic and not drift into the Artificial side. I have helped people all my life because I know what they need and how they feel but if we all don’t do something now robotics, artificial brain implants etc will take over and when they do they will have no need for the human race so we all need to step up and stop mankind from destroying himself. Our Creator gave us everything and yet all some people want to do is create artificial life and it’s not right they have no souls, heart or even an organic brain to actually think by themselves to live the beautiful life our Creator gave us! Please people think about what you are doing and stop the artificial life that greedy people want to take over think about your families, friends and loved ones cuz if we don’t who will!

    1. the answer is always inside, not outside πŸ™‚ the creator is good and gave us that, thank you for your work to help others see that Aaron πŸ™‚ – Mike

    1. Amazing Karen πŸ™‚ you are definitely in a good place for that πŸ™‚ As we heal others, we can also heal ourselves too, which is a magical thing πŸ™‚

  31. When I ask myself what is my purpose, my intuition tells me to tell people what they are good at and to give them enthusiasm back that it is possible to do what they have an interest or wish for – to believe in themselves. It is nice to give them back the belief in their dreams.

  32. I believe my life purpose is to help people to heal and to teach about the connection between earth and Spirit and Heaven in this multi dimensional multiverse we live in.

  33. When I think about it, all my life I’ve listened to people and helped them find ways out of their situations or make them feel better…

    1. yes! we are the born way-seers, if we clear our minds and allow πŸ™‚ So glad you are on this journey with us Angela – Mike

  34. So far I’ve determined my purpose is to heal and grow, contribute in a positive way to the collective consciousness. Show love and compassion to all. Be in the light as much as I can.

    1. Love it Janine! you are in the right tribe my dear πŸ™‚ We have been slowly working to develop the home for us all, and were so close! πŸ™‚ cant wait to hear more from you there πŸ™‚ – Mike

  35. I feel that my life purpose is helping people.. I’ve always been the friend /or person , that everyone comes to for advice or just to vent to about what may be going on in their lives. I’ve always been very intuitive ,since I was a young girl. But, sometimes it is a little overwhelming, because there are times when I feel like I can feel their emotions . And I don’t know why this is … Can you please help me understand why this happens?

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