A Bit About My Manifested Life

My Manifested Life was born from a prompting Mike had to provide a space for people who are seeking wellness. Wellness of mind, body, and spirit. A place for people who are dedicated to growth and to becoming the best version of themselves. People who desire a deeper understanding of the universe, themselves, and each other. People who are willing to lift the veil and peek behind the curtain to see what makes them think, feel, and do the things we do. 

Everything is a manifestation – our pain, our pleasure, our sorrow and our joy – it’s all there to help us learn.

My Manifested Life is a way to help people us see our world  from a new and empowering perspective.  It’s a place for you to find guidance and to offer guidance. 

Consider it your home of self discovery and growth. While we will start with Empathy and the Highly Sensitive, we will quickly branch out into all things spiritual.  

Our Mission is to provide the information, validation, structure, and support to those that have the desire to learn, grow and explore their potential so that they can undertake their journey to grace and love. 

In the two and a half years that we have offered the Empath Course and then the Intuition Quickstart program, we have touched over 100,000 lives. We are developing more courses with some of the world’s top healers and teachers in the world for spiritual growth and wellness. 

We believe that people and events come into our lives for a reason. If we are in yours, then we are meant to be here together. We have work to do. 

Don’t worry about any resistance that may come up, this is a normal part of the journey. If you haven’t started the course, or haven’t finished it yet, this is your little push to take that step, move into your power, and move into a new place within.

All our love,

Your Family in Love & Truth.

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    1. and I love that you are with us for all this time 🙂 so much more to come my love 🙂 – Mike

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