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Called, But Reluctant
There is a calling that empaths feel. It’s unlike the usual “life purpose” calling that many feel. This calling is a calling to heal. To heal the self and to heal the world. Less concerned with personal needs and personal glory, most empaths find it’s “safer” to ignore this calling. We strongly encourage you to step out of the safe space and to become what the world needs you to be.
Alone in a Crowd
As a medium empath, you may find yourself feeling alone often. It can be when you are alone, or even when you are with a group of friends that are not as “tuned-in” as you are. If you have not yet experienced being in a tribe of like minded, and more important, like-vibration people, it is an amazing and incredible experience. It will be important for you, on your way to high empath, to find a tribe of people who inspire you and lift your soul.

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