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0-13 Pts: Non Empath
14-21 Pts: Medium Empath
22-32 Pts: High Empath

[fn], You possess the gift of empathy. You can even strengthen this talent by practicing with various exercises. Once you strengthen your “empathic muscles” you will be able to constantly see another world of information. The information you were born to steward.

[fn]... Is This You? Or Should It Be

Growing Intuitive Skills

[fn], You are starting to be able to access more “knowing” and sometimes just know the right answer faster than those around you. As a growing empath, you are likely to seek out new groups, new teachers, and even new partners as your budding soul craves this next phase of true growth

Emotionally Aware

Emotions are the true language of the soul [fn]. A person can look happy on the outside, but feel sad, or even angry on the inside. As an empath, no one is more aware of this, than you. Your personal happiness lies in ensuring you are feeling only YOUR emotions, and choosing when to feel those of others.

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