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Being an Empath is more than just feeling the emotions of others....

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Founder Mike Hill and John Harricharan

“We may not usually think that we have an effect on the lives of others, but we would be amazed at how wrong we could be. We do not need to make great contributions to the world-just small, consistent ones to those whose lives we touch. We could help so many people by just taking the time to listen to them, comfort them or just bring them hope.”

John Harricharan
Author and Thought Leader

Empaths Sharing Personal Experiences

I am so grateful to finally have a safe space. I never knew until this year that there was a name for all the things I have felt for years. I have been called crazy a troublemaker etc It is refreshing to know I am not alone

I have been looking for guidance for a long time now and am very excited to see that I am not the only one who can feel what I feel. I was starting to second guess life and why only I could feel and see life the way I do. thank you so much for for putting your selves out there with these videos. I’m happy to help show the world your videos and hope they touch the hearts of many like it has done for myself. keep shining you guys and thank you again so much for just being……… with all my love and light thank you.

So many things that you both discussed like the “emotional container” hits home….so on point! Thank you both!!

I’m all in! My cup runneth over. I feel more alive and more driven than EVER for this true first step in the direction I have been longing for my whole 28 yrs of life! I’m overwhelmed with joy I feel like I’m getting a big hug from home so much love towards you both for starting this! This is ABSOLUTELY REVOLUTIONARY!! I have been saying for roughly 3 yrs now that if someone can be bold enough to make this move it is going to be revolutionary! This is therapeutic AF for me🦋️🏼

Founder Mike Hill and Rollin McCraty

“Empaths and those with deep empathy and sensitivity to energy can feel what others are feeling. This is an energetic intuition or knowingness.”

Author, Speaker, Scientists. Rollin McCraty, Ph. D., Director of research at the HeartMath Institute

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Empath Power Program

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  • MODULE 1 – The Evolution Of Humanity
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  • MODULE 3 – Making Relationships Work
  • MODULE 4 – Clearing Negative Thinking
  • MODULE 5 – The Career That’s Waiting!
  • MODULE 6 – Your New, Dream Life, Finally!
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  • Additional 12+ Training Videos
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More Comments From Incredible Empaths

The energy in this group is beautiful, healing, and universal connectedness at its finest!! When I need a recharge, I tap into the energy of the group, letting it fill me. I feel the positivity, curiosity, growth and light & love here!

I learned so much from the complete series of modules… And yesterday when the zoom chat re-aired… It made such a great impact. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! My life makes so much sense now. I’m looking forward to seeing other topics you will cover. I’ve crossed this path for a reason. And I’m ready to explore the reasons.

Thank you Mike Hill and Julie for embracing your inner empath abilities to strengthen other empaths. You have given me more than just a road map. You have given me my key to unlock my chains.

I absolutely adore each of you so much and value your wisdom greatly. Every single lesson resonates with me so deeply. I feel a strong urge to work along side the both of you in this movement in some way.

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As you progress through the course, you are able to ask questions both privately, using the built in system, or you can also ask question in the group if you choose the Empath Power Program option.