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Called, But Reluctant

As children, we learned about heroes, villains, and citizens. People were supposed to fit into one of these three categories. We were told that IF you were VERY special, you could be a hero, but only a select few could play that role. If you were very bad, you could be a villain. And the rest were average citizens. This is a lie. Everyone is a hero to someone else at various points in their life. As empaths, you have a special gift that lets you be a hero for someone almost every day! We know who in the room needs that extra help, who needs a hug, who could use a compliment, and we can be that hero that changes their day. We can be the driving force behind global movements, or a family dinner. The question is, do you feel we are worthy? We want to show you, you are [fn] and it’s time we showed the world.

Alone in a Crowd

Why can it be so hard to feel connected in a group? Everyone else appears to be enjoying each other’s company, right? Sure you can be pleasant and fun, but none of it “feels real”. As a high empath, you may have a hard time with small talk. The problem is that you can feel the real thoughts of the person you are talking to, and unless they are genuine, you will have zero patience for that. While she says “you look so pretty”, you can feel her jealousy and her real thoughts. When you try to explain this feeling to someone else, they insist you are “crazy”. Are you?! You may second guess yourself often because you simply don’t feel the same as everyone else and you can’t figure out why. Here is your key, you ARE different. Own it, find ways to understand it, and get on with your life! You have a job to do!

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