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With a “Grounder”?

Relating to the world is always a challenge for a High Empath. Because our emotional “receptors” are wide open, we often question our own feelings and sometimes, our own sanity. Feeling the constant barrage of lies we tell each other as a society can make Empaths wonder if there really is something wrong with them?! This can be scary, challenging, and even depressive. Because many high empaths are here to serve, we can end up attracting those who are happy to let us serve them. As a partner, a “grounder” can be someone who helps us feel fulfilled by letting us serve. This can be good, but in extreme circumstances, we can attract Narcissists who can create an unhealthy environment. A relationship we may continue if we don’t know there is another option.
A People Reader
For high empaths, the people we know, or meet, can feel like street signs. Most are easy to read if we try at all and others are shaped like an octagon, painted red and you don’t even have to try, you just know. As a pre-wired people reader, you not only know what people are saying without words, but you can even tap into their emotions, giving you the total picture that’s not available to most people! Is she using the same face she always uses when she’s sad and is covering it up? You know! The most difficult part of being a high empath people reader is to separate the lies you are told when you ask someone directly “how are you” from the truth you can see and feel. We would like to give you the tools of discernment. They will help you to go even another layer deeper and turn you into a people reading expert.

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