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0-13 Pts: Non Empath
14-21 Pts: Medium Empath
22-32 Pts: High Empath

My Love, you are truly connected to the world and all the living things in it. This connection can be very confusing and even frustrating for you. Because you can see and feel so much more than can be “logically explained” to those without the same abilities, you may have been questioned and even question yourself! This can make you feel very alone. Many high empaths find themselves attracted to those who “ground them”, as a way to “appear normal”. Be careful though, your gift and destiny is to serve and heal the world. Not to carry the burden of its pain or to process the feelings and emotions of others

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Strong Intuition

My Love, your senses are not limited to an understanding of what “MUST be explained”. As an empath, you can connect to another level of information that is beyond words and literally beyond the “senses” of most people. This can make it VERY difficult to talk to or reason with others who don’t share your gift. If you have been experiencing frustration at all in this area, please, stop trying to explain yourself! If they need an explanation, then they truly don’t understand your ability. You’re better served by working on your empathy and intuition; strengthening those God-given gifts. Understanding can only come from those who “get it”, so please, save yourself some energy. Don’t try to convince the blind to see, it will only bring you heartache..

Emotional Magnet
You are an emotional powerhouse My Love. An emotional shotgun shooting waves of energy that can floor people with love, or scare them into submission! But you can also be an emotional black hole… sucking in the emotions of anyone or anything that gets near. You may even be absorbing emotions at a distance… loved ones, friends, or really anyone you consciously, or subconsciously agree to do this for. It’s commonly agreed to that emotion is the strongest way to manifest. Are you attracting emotional loops of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, or abuse? Is your world filled with love, good fortune, and fun? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to harness and channel your empath power and to help change the world by changing what you attract in it.

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