1: A Perceptible, Outward, or Visible Expression.
2: the act, process, or an instance of manifesting

The Manifested Life Project: Mindful Surrender

Join The Move To Personal Manifestation Awareness!

Learn The Truth of Manifestation

There are layers to Manifestation. Without the first layer, you can’t move to the second.

Understand Your Manifested Life

Discover and accept the reasons for your current manifestations, even those you never wanted.

Manifest From True Consciousness

Begin manifesting through the process of surrender and acceptance in co-creation with the Universe.

Intuition Quickstart

The foundation of intuition for those ready to expand it. 

The Empath Course

A journey to self empowerment through pain free empathy.

Our Consciousness Quizzes

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Empath Quiz

What's Your Empath Sensitivity Score??

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Intuition Quiz

What is your Intuition Intensity Score?

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Loving Life

Life Path Quiz

Purpose is not a destination, it's a roadmap.

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Happiness Quiz

What blocks are preventing you from true happiness?

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